Botox and Dysport are botulinum toxins (neurotoxins) that have been used in medicine for many years, with clinical trials proving safety and efficacy. In aesthetics, neurotoxins are strategically placed in facial muscles to reduce muscle movement and smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It is also an excellent preventative anti-aging treatment used to prevent static lines from forming.

Neurotoxins commonly treat forehead wrinkles and angry “eleven” lines between the brows. Neurotoxins can effectively encourage facial rejuvenation in various areas of the face, jaw, and neck. Neurotoxin injections are customizable for multiple outcomes, such as decreased movement in the forehead, softening of marionette lines, or even a lip flip to create the appearance of a fuller lip without filler. 

There are many off-label uses for neurotoxins, including but not limited to hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, jawline slimming, chin dimpling, and neck line reduction. Results may be seen in five to seven days, with optimal results in two weeks post-injection. 


Neurotoxins will take effect between five and seven days post-injection. Complete optimization will appear approximately 14 days and can last around three months.

Maintenance treatments are needed to preserve your look and prevent new lines and wrinkles from developing. As you regain facial movement, you may schedule a follow-up appointment to touch-up areas of concern. The effects of your initial neurotoxin injections will wear off roughly three months after. 

We encourage our clients to sign up for loyalty points programs like Allē (Botox), ASPIRE (Dysport), Evolus (Jeuveau), and Xperience (Xeomin). Points can add up quickly and may be used on injectables, select services, and skincare products. Ask for more details at the time of your appointment!

Dermal fillers (like Juvéderm and Restylane) and injectable neurotoxins (like Botox and Dysport) work differently to correct signs of aging. Fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA) and add volume and symmetry to areas of the face. Injectable neurotoxins relax facial muscles that cause wrinkles through repetitious or excessive movements like furrowing or raising the eyebrows, frowning, and smiling.

After your appointment, you may notice redness and swelling around the injection sites that might form minor bruises. Symptoms usually resolve after a few days to a week. Please call our office if you experience other concerning side effects after your treatment.

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