Pearl Skin Resurfacing

Pearl Skin Resurfacing

Pearl Skin Resurfacing is a state-of-the-art service designed to enhance skin rejuvenation and radiance. This method involves a non-invasive laser treatment that utilizes sophisticated technology to tackle a variety of skin concerns, ensuring the restoration of a youthful and glowing appearance. This amazing skin resurfacing treatment works by gently exfoliating, stimulating the production of collagen, and stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin cells. As a result, the skin appears smoother and more youthful, with improved texture and tone.

Pearl Skin Resurfacing can treat a wide range of skin imperfections, such as lines, wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, uneven pigmentation, and acne scars. This versatile treatment is ideal for people with all skin tones and types, making it an excellent option for many. Results are typically noticeable within a week of treatment and continue to improve over the following months. The longevity of results varies from person to person but can last for several months to a year with proper skincare maintenance. If you want to revitalize your skin and achieve a more youthful appearance, book your Pearl Skin Resurfacing appointment today to experience your benefits.

Benefits of Pearl Skin Resurfacing:

  • Smoother, more radiant skin
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved skin texture and tone
  • Fade age spots and sun damage
  • Minimize acne scars
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Non-invasive with minimal downtime
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Long-lasting results
  • Customizable to individual needs

PRP and The O-Shot®

The O-Shot® is an excellent treatment option for women with a decreased sex drive, vaginal dryness, chronic vaginal pain, urinary incontinence, or chronic interstitial cystitis. During O-Shot® therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is injected into the clitoris, labia, and G-spot to promote the healing of damaged tissue and the growth of new blood vessels and nerves.

Microneedling with PRP/PRF

Microneedling makes micro-injuries in the skin to encourage collagen and elastin production, add volume to hollow areas, diminish the appearance of acne scarring, minimize the appearance of pores, and decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles. PRP is absorbed by the skin and shortens microneedling recovery time while hastening collagen production. Microneedling with PRP is the perfect option for all skin types and addresses multiple skin concerns.

PRP/PRF for Hair Restoration

Men and women suffering from weak, brittle, and thinning hair can benefit from hair restoration with PRP/PRF. Those in the early stages of hair loss may experience the most significant results. PRP/PRF is injected into the scalp to reverse the depreciation of hair follicles and promote thicker, longer, healthier strands of hair. 

PRP and Filler Combination Treatment

PRP can be merged with dermal filler to improve facial volume. Adding PRP to the dermal filler injections creates a more natural result in areas with thinning skin, such as under-eye areas. Most people are candidates for the PRP and filler combination. Results are generally noticed six weeks after your initial treatment. 

Before & After

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Pearl Skin Resurfacing is suitable for individuals of all skin types and tones, making it a versatile option for many.

Results are typically noticeable within a week of treatment and continue to improve over the following months.

The longevity of results varies but can last several months to a year with proper skincare maintenance.

Some redness and mild swelling may occur immediately after treatment, but they generally go away after a few days.

Before treatment, avoid sun exposure, and follow the post-care instructions provided by your skincare professional.

During the treatment, you may experience a warm sensation as the laser gently removes the top layer of damaged skin, but discomfort is minimal and well-tolerated. Your skincare professional will ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

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